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KEIST, JAMES MCLEAN Private 2nd Depot Battalion, BC Regiment Number: 2139855 Conscripted May 20, 1918 (Victoria) Letter Carrier, Vancouver North Lonsdale P.O., North Vancouver Born January 22, 1892 Roslyn, Scotland Died March 26, 1941 – Vancouver Survived by son Alfred of 3884 Sophia Street, Vancouver.

KENDALL, THOMAS Private, 231st Battalion, Seaforth Highlanders Number: 1015348 Volunteered April 20, 1916 Postal Clerk, Vancouver 2031 Pendrell Street, Vancouver Born August 25, 1886 Burnley, Lancashire, England Married to Eleanor Jane Kendall Died June 20, 1973 – Vancouver (Eleanor died May 25, 1956 – North Vancouver) Survived by daughters Mrs. Frank Phillips and Mrs. Dave DaSilva.
KINCAID, JOHN Private, 196th Battalion, Western Universities Number: 2218303 Volunteered March 30, 1917 (Vancouver) Letter Carrier, Vancouver 1152 East 2nd Avenue, Vancouver Born February 3, 1894 Airdrie, Scotland Married Margaret David Smith, February 24, 1927 Died July 7, 1976 – Vancouver.
LEGGATT, DAVID JOHN Private, 131st Battalion, Westminster Regiment Number: 790649 Volunteered February 21, 1916 (New Westminster) Postal Clerk, New Westminster General Delivery, New Westminster Born August 29, 1886 Newton Moore Hyde, Cheshire, England Married Gloria Iris Morgan, June 6, 1921, New Westminster Died July 3, 1962 – Vancouver (Gloria died January 27, 1934 – New Westminster) Survived by sons Campbell William and Lake Stewart and daughter Joan (New Westminster).
LEARMONTH, ALEXANDER Gunner, 68th O/S Field Battery Number: 339548 Volunteered February 3, 1917 (Vancouver) Postal Clerk, Vancouver 1072 Nelson Street, Vancouver Born May 14, 1889 Stroussay, Orkney Islands, Scotland Married Frances Emily Wotton, September 6, 1921, Vancouver Younger brother, James Brodie Learmonth, volunteered with the BC Regiment on January 17, 1918. Number 2021266.
LEMESSURIER, HERBERT S. Bombadier, 68 O/S Field Battery Number: 338980 Volunteered June 5, 1916 (Vancouver) Letter Carrier, Vancouver 3538 Prince Edward Street, Vancouver Born March 23, 1890 St. John’s NF Married Alice Juliet Bjornason, January 3, 1914, Vancouver Died October 2, 1973 – New Westminster (Alice died December 16, 1967 – Vancouver) Survived by daughter Mrs. Kathleen Peters of Coquitlam and 5 grandchildren Brother/Cousin?-
Cyril Lemessurier, 72nd Battalion, Seaforth Highlanders, volunteered September 2, 1915, was killed in action on November 21, 1916. At the time of his enlistment he was living at 3510 Prince Edward Street along with William Pierce Victor Lemessurier, an accountant, who volunteered with the 158th Battalion, BC Regiment, on October 10, 1916. Son, Gordon Henry Lemessurier, Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve, died on Active Service on March 13, 1944 while serving on H.M.C.S. Givenchy. LITTLEWOOD, CHARLES JAMES Lance Corporal, 131st Battalion, Westminster Regiment Number: 790895 Volunteered April 6, 1916 (New Westminster) Postal Clerk, New Westminster 218 11th Avenue, New Westminster Born April 23, 1894 Island Magee, Ireland Married Ruth Jennings, June 30, 1920, New Westminster Died May 8, 1973 – New Westminster (Ruth died April 12, 1981 – New Westminster) Served as conductor of the New Westminster Concert Orchestra 1965-66
LOFTHOUSE, JOSEPH EDWARD Private, Vancouver Forestry Corps Draft, Forestry Corps Number: 2203369 Volunteered February 24, 1917 Letter Carrier, Vancouver 2370 East 29th Avenue, Vancouver Born May 10, 1878 Middlesborough, Yorkshire, England Married to Elizabeth Grace Lofthouse Died January 28, 1964 – Burnaby (Elizabeth died June 26, 1972 – North Vancouver) Survived by sons Norman (North Vancouver), John Gordon (Vancouver) and daughter Mrs. J. (Dulcie) Ross (Surrey), 7 grandchildren and 1 grandchildren. Prior to emigrating to Canada J.E. Lofthouse worked as a Commercial Clerk.
LONGWORTH, RICHARD WILLIAM Private, 231st Battalion, Seaforth Highlanders Number: 1015410 Volunteered March 20, 1916 (Vancouver) Postal Clerk, Vancouver Bronx Rooming House, Vancouver Born October 6, 1882 Dublin, Ireland Died February 19, 1943 – Vancouver No family listed in obituary. Service conducted by the Royal Canadian Legion. Buried in Mountainview Cemetery.
LYTHAM, JOHN Private, 1st Depot Battalion, BC Regiment Number: 2021560 Conscripted February 9, 1918 (Vancouver) Postal Clerk, Vancouver 733 Beattie Street, Vancouver Born June 29, 1891 Lockerbie, Scotland Married Jessie Davidson Ronald, April 30, 1930, Vancouver Died October 11, 1967 – Vancouver (His Obituary in the Vancouver Sun mistakenly lists his name as Lythan) (Jessie Died October 29, 1944 – Vancouver) Survived by sister Mrs. E. Drake of Vancouver and one niece and one brother and two sisters in Scotland.
MCDELL, JOHN Private, #1 Field Ambulance, Medical Corps Number: 525101 Volunteered November 11, 1916 (Victoria) Letter Carrier, New Westminster 468 Dixon Street, New Westminster Born November 7, 1881 Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland Married to Janet Foyer McDell Died November 20, 1958 – New Westminster (Janet died July 15, 1944 – New Westminster) Survived by sons Coventry (Sonny), John F. and Glenn (New Westminster) and daughters Mrs. Sara Dobbie and Mrs. Dave Bremner, 8 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren
MCLELLAN, ALEXANDER Private, 68th O/S Field Battery Number: 339279 Volunteered September 12, 1916 (Vancouver) Letter Carrier, Vancouver 4308 John Street, Vancouver Born February 1, 1889 North Uist, Inverness, Scotland Married to Agnes McLellan (Agnes died November 5, 1977 – Vancouver) Survived by sons J. Gilbert McLellan of Antigua, Robert S. McLellan and Leonard R. McLellan of Vancouver, 10 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren
MCLELLAN, JOHN Gunner, 68th O/S Field Battery Number: 339202 Volunteered August 23, 1916 (Vancouver) Letter Carrier, Vancouver 883 Hornby Street, Vancouver Born April 5, 1889 Larkhall, Scotland Widower Died January 2, 1958 – Vancouver Remarried to Isabella (Ella) Copeland Hartin (a widow), May 29, 1920 (Ella died March 25, 1959 – Vancouver) Survived by sons Sam and James Hartin and daughter Agnes La Belle Grandaughters Cathy Anne La Belle and Jeanne Hartin.
MCMURTRIE, JAMES Private, 72nd Battalion, Seaforth Highlanders Number: 129452 Volunteered September 17, 1915 (Vancouver) Letter Carrier, Vancouver 839 East 13th Avenue, Vancouver Born September 26, 1879 Ayr, Scotland Married Mary Frost, February 27, 1927, Vancouver Died December 12, 1946 – Vancouver (Obituary shows surname “Murtrie”) (Mary died July 27, 1984 – Vancouver) Survived by daughter Margaret.
MAYNE, WILFRID JOHN Sergeant, 68 O/S Field Battery Number: 331659 Volunteered February 21, 1916 Letter Carrier, Vancouver 2162 West 7th Avenue, Vancouver Born April 8, 1891 Liverpool, England Married Marjorie Lois Ellis, August 6, 1914, Vancouver Died June 22, 1986 – Sechelt.
METCALF, JOHN BENYON Sergeant, #5 General Hospital, Medical Corps Number: 521117 Volunteered June17, 1915 (Esquimalt) Letter Carrier, Vancouver Vancouver Heights P.O., Vancouver Born December 28, 1885 Liverpool, England Married Dorothy Brooker, July 24, 1929 (Remarried /1st wife – Nellie) Died August 31, 1962 – Vancouver Survived by son Jack (Vancouver) and daughters Mrs. C. Parwell (Gibsons), Mrs. T. Ledder, Mrs. J. Meland, and Mrs. G.H. Ash (Vancouver) J.B. Metcalf was a Stonemason prior to emigrating to Canada.
MILLS, CHARLES ASHWORTH Corporal, 68th O/S Field Battery Number: 331663 Volunteered February 21, 1916 Letter Carrier, Vancouver 1641 Seymour Street, Vancouver Born April 22, 1886 Chorley, Lancashire, England Died July 7, 1960 – Langley
MITCHELL, JAMES ELDER Private, 29th Battalion, BC Regiment Number: 75200 Volunteered November 12, 1914 (Vancouver) Railway Mail Clerk, Vancouver No address available (mail forwarded to Main Branch, Royal Bank) Born June 3, 1883 Midlothian, Scotland Married to Margaret Mitchell.
MORRIS-WHITE, THOMAS CHARLES Driver, 1st Brigade Canadian Garrison Artillery Number: 339472 Volunteered December 16,1916 (Vancouver)



Thomas Charles Morris-White

Letter Carrier, Vancouver 1695 Kingsway, Vancouver -during 1917 the family moved to 3958 Gladstone St Born July 17, 1881 Colombo, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) Married to Marion M. Morris-White Died of pneumonia at the York Place Divisional Hospital, Brighton, June 17, 1918. Buried Brighton Borough Cemetery, England Survived by: Sons, Thomas Charles Morris White (died July 17, 1985)Daughter in law Winnifred Grandson Tom (California) and granddaughter, Mrs. Jacqueline Scotland (Surrey) John Gardner Morris White (died June 14/78, Sechelt), George Anthony Morris White (died July 5/87) Daughter in law Kay and grandsons Ted, Sandy, Dan, Rod, granddaughters Marcie, Nancy, Christine, Daughters, Miriam Anne Hodson (died April 13/70, Powell River) Cecilia Maude Bridget Mayfield, Dorothea Charlotte Innes, Helen Elizabeth Sartain (died Sept 25/82, Surrey), Lillian Jean Rourke, and Evelyn Margaret Burton. Family story says he changed his name to Morris-White so he wouldn’t have to wait so long when his name was called for mail.
His family has also kindly shared one of his last letters wth us. He died 10 days after writing this letter to his daughter.Morris-White letter
MOSS, FRANK Private, #5 General Hospital, Medical Corps Number: 521124 Volunteered June 24, 1915 (Esquimalt) Letter Carrier, Vancouver 904 Nicola Street, Vancouver Born February 7, 1882 Manchester, Lancashire, England Married to Harriet Moss (Obituary shows her name as Ethel) Frank died January 18, 1968 – Victoria) Survived by J.E. Ross and two grandsons in Kitchener ON and 3 brothers and 2 sisters.
MOULANG, SAMUEL HERBERT Lance Corporal, 62nd Battalion, BC Regiment Number: 463789 Volunteered August 7, 1915 (Vernon) Postal Clerk, Vancouver 600 Queensbury Avenue, North Vancouver Born September 16, 1889 Dublin, Ireland (Parish of St. Jude) Married to Nellie Helena Moulang Died February 4, 1972 – White Rock (Nellie died October 16, 1966 – White Rock) Survived by daughter Eileen Parents Daniel (a jeweller) and Marie Ann, sister Minnie, brothers John, Walter and George.
MURRAY, JOHN JAMES Sergeant, 1st Depot Battalion, BC Regiment Number: 2022286 Conscripted March 19, 1918 (Vancouver) Postal Clerk, Vancouver 1926 Granville Street (Royal Hotel) Born April 18, 1886 Brora, Sutherlandshire, Scotland Married Florence Ada Bibby, April 29, 1925 Died July 8, 1963 – Vancouver (Florence died February 17, 1986).
OGILVY, CHARLES SAMSON Private, 1st Depot Battalion, BC Regiment Number: 2024397 Conscripted June 27, 1918 (Vancouver) Postal Clerk 1071 Comox Street, Vancouver Born June 23, 1885 Kirriemuir, Forfarshire, Scotland Died June 9, 1938 – Vancouver.

ORR, ROBERT JOHN Private, 121st Battalion (Western Irish) BC Regiment Number: 760457 Volunteered December 29,1915 (New Westminster) Postal Clerk, Vancouver 442 East 19th Avenue, Vancouver Born March 10, 1888 Glasgow, Scotland Married Catherine Isabella Hay, September 9, 1921 Died May 7, 1958 – Vancouver (Catherine died August 10, 1926) Survived by son Robert John J. Orr and daughter Janet M. Orr.

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