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PALMER, CLARENCE ROY Private, 231st Battalion, Seaforth Highlanders Number: 1015816 Volunteered July 22, 1916 (Vancouver) Letter Carrier, Vancouver 53 East 66th Avenue, Vancouver Born October 30, 1892 Winnipeg, MB Son of George Clarence Palmer and Laura Louise Palmer Arrived in France, May 23, 1917 Wounded on July 23, 1917 in the Avion Sector and returned to the Regiment on January 12, 1918. Died March 30, 1918. No known grave. Name listed on the Vimy Memorial.

PEART, CHARLES HERBERT Private, 72nd Battalion, Seaforth Highlanders Number: 116417 Volunteered June 1, 1915 Postal Clerk, Vancouver 975 Bute Street, Vancouver Born May 18, 1893 Dublin, Ireland Son of Thomas and Jessie Peart Arrived in France January 14, 1917 Died May 24, 1917 Buried in the La Chaudiere Cemetery Jessie Peart died on September 24, 1954 (age 81) and survived by son Cyril D. Peart of Victoria, daughter Mrs. Mabel Helyer, 2 grandchildren and 1 great granddaughter. Brother in law, Maurice Helyer, served as a Lieutenant in the 21st Battalion, Prince of Wales Own. Maurice Helyer was a structural engineer and he and his wife Mabel (married January 19, 1916) resided at 975 Bute Street with the Peart Family.
PELLEW, WALTER Private, 242 Forestry Battalion Number: 1048981 Volunteered August 16, 1916 (Vancouver) Letter Carrier, New Westminster 1315 Nanaimo Street, New Westminster Born December 11, 1875 Penzance, Cornwall, England Married to Ethel Pellew Died January 2, 1958 – Ganges) (Ethel died September 30, 1934 – New Westminster) .
PENDER, JAMES R. Private, 72nd Battalion, Seaforth Highlanders Number: 129641 Volunteered September 21, 1915 (Vancouver) Postal Clerk, Vancouver Born August 19, 1892 Nanaimo Son of James and Hannah Pender Arrived in France on August 13, 1916 Died November 23, 1916 Fell in the Bozincourt Trench System Buried in the Abbeville Cemetery Survived by parents and younger sisters Polly and Ethel.
PIRRIE, FREDERICK Private, 11th Mounted Rifles (BC Dragoons) Number: 116292 Volunteered March 22, 1915 (Vancouver) Postal Clerk, Vancouver 2262 West 6th Avenue, Vancouver Born March 26, 1891 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
POOKE, KENNETH EDWIN Private, 68th O/S Field Battery Number: 339218 Volunteered August 28, 1916 (Vancouver) Letter Carrier, Vancouver 512 Woodland Drive, Vancouver Born December 18, 1892 Walla Walla WA Married Bertha Louise Fox, April 28, 1915 Died April 6,1983 – Burnaby (Bertha Died April 19, 1984 – Burnaby).
PREST, FREDERICK W.B. New Westminster Post Office Records show Robert W.B. Prest volunteering for Military Service but no Military Records located.
PUTTICK, ALBERT WATTS Lieutenant, 68 O/S Field Artillery Number: 476812 Volunteered September 17, 1915 Letter Carrier, Vancouver 1041 Seymour Street, Vancouver Born September 23, 1883 London, England Married Jessie McManus, April 28, 1913 Died April 13, 1968 – North Vancouver (Jessie died September 14, 1951 – Vancouver) Survived by daughter Patricia Ellen Puttick, North Vancouver. In WWII A.W. Puttick was a Major, 2nd in command of the Gunnery School in Victoria. He remained active in the 15th Brigade following WWII.
QUINN, ALEXANDER FILMORE Lance Corporal, 7th Battalion, BC Regiment Number: 16685 Volunteered September 28, 1914 (Vancouver) Postal Clerk, Vancouver (Registration Section) 3256 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver Born August 5, 1889 Glencoe, Ontario Died June 3, 1916 No know grave Name listed on the Menin Gate Carol Van Camp, retired VMPP Postal Clerk, is the Great Niece of AF Quinn. He was her Maternal Grandmother’s brother. Quinn was born in Glencoe, ON. The family then moved to Chatham ON and then to Vancouver in 1902.
REID, RICHARD NICHOLSON Private, #5 General Hospital, Medical Corps Number: 525170 Volunteered February 14, 1917 (Vancouver) Letter Carrier, Vancouver 1019 Davie Street, Vancouver Born June 8, 1878 London, England Died June 4, 1952 – Vancouver Survived by brother Norman of Vancouver
RICHARDSON, JOSEPH Gunner, 2nd Brigade Canadian Field Artillery Number: 338914 Volunteered May 9, 1916 (Vancouver)  Letter Carrier, Vancouver 4866 James Street (now Quebec Street), Vancouver Born May 7, 1896 Barrow-in-Furness, England Married Evelyn Howe, January 29, 1916, Vancouver Died August 27, 1918 Buried Hollybrook Cemetery, Southhampton, England (Evelyn remarried to Richard James Williams, February 8, 1930, Vancouver) (Evelyn died February 22, 1977) Survived by wife Evelyn, father Joseph, mother Isabel, brothers Frederick and William and sisters Ada, Clara, Sara, and Margaret..
RICKSON, JOSEPH Private, 223rd Battalion (Canadian Scandinavians) Number: 294846 Volunteered January 13, 1917 (Vancouver) Letter Carrier, Vancouver 1605 East 5th Avenue, Vancouver Born April 1, 1876 Braidwood, Illinois Married to Margaret Rickson Died December 17, 1958 – Vancouver (Margaret died April 26, 1936) Survived by sons Joseph and Douglas (Vancouver), Frank (Penticton), daughters Mrs. Ida Benson, Mrs. Veda Rekdal, Mrs. Muriel Lucas (Vancouver) and Mrs. Esther Niles (Crescent BC), 8 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.
ROGERS, WILLIAM HUGH Private, Forestry Corps Number: 2213329 Letter Carrier, New Westminster 215 Keary Street, New Westminster Born June 13, 1880 Broughton, Derbyshire, Wales Married to Georgia K. Rogers (Georgia died November 13, 1920 – New Westminster) The 1911 census shows a daughter, Bessie Jean Rogers, born 1910. ROSS, STUART GRAY Private, Canadian Engineers Number: 505757 Volunteered July 3, 1916 (Vancouver) Railway Mail Clerk 332 East 17th Avenue, Vancouver Born September 4, 1886 Regina, SK Married Jean Scott Gray, January 30, 1926 Died November 27, 1963 – Vancouver (Jean died December 30, 1952 – Vancouver) Survived by niece Mrs. Margaret Ruttiaz (Clearwater) Stuart Gray Ross also served in WWII.
SAMSON, DAVID WILLIAM Private, #1 Field Ambulance Depot Number: 524774 No further Military Information located Letter Carrier, Vancouver Married Alice Pearl M. Cummings, May 26, 1922 Died December 2, 1953 – Vancouver (Alice died July 3, 1932).
SCALES, GEORGE WILFRED Private, 121st Battalion, BC Regiment Number: 760459 Volunteered December 29, 1915 (Vancouver) Postal Clerk, Vancouver 893 Seymour Street, Vancouver Born July 9, 1893 Nanaimo Married Maude Louella Miller, June 1, 1918 Died July 15, 1976 Survived by wife Maude, son Robert, grandsons Robert and Frederick, granddaughter Sheri Lynn and great grandson Robert.
SCIARINI, HERBERT Private, 1st Depot Battalion, BC Regiment Number: 2024209 Conscripted June 11, 1918 (Vancouver) Postal Clerk, Vancouver 631 East 5th Avenue, Vancouver
Born March 21, 1892 Vancouver Died October 10, 1968 – Vancouver At the time Herbert was conscripted he was living in the same home as his cousin, Postal Clerk, Erminie Gasperdone, who was also conscripted.
SELWOOD, ARCHIBALD Private, 72nd Battalion, Seaforth Highlanders Number: 129186 Volunteered, September 7, 1915 (Vancouver) Postal Clerk, Vancouver 1798 West Broadway, Vancouver Born January 16, 1881 Chester, England Married Helen McDonald, January 7, 1920 Died November 15, 1973 – Vancouver (Helen died January 4, 1958 – Vancouver) Survived by son-in-law Eric Charles, grandsons Ronald D. Charles and Richard Charles of Toronto, Gordon W. Charles of Vancouver, and 3 grandchildren.
Archibald Selwood is also recognized as the Founder of the Rose Society in Vancouver. Younger brother, Arthur Francis Selwood, a barber, was conscripted on November 17, 1917 into the 1st Depot Battalion, BC Regiment (#2021296) .
SHAW, ALLEN McPHERSON Sergeant, 131st Battalion, Westminster Regiment Number: 628904 Volunteered March 10, 1915 (New Westminster) Postal Clerk, New Westminster 214 Mowat Street, New Westminster Born December 27, 1894 New Westminster Died November 21, 1975 – Burnaby Survived by son Leonard, daughters Audrey Barrett and Winifred Scragg (New West), 11 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren
SIMPSON, WILLIAM HERBERT Private, 131st Battalion, Westminster Regiment Number: 791139 Volunteered May 31, 1916 (New Westminster) Despatcher, New Westminster 816 4th Street, New Westminster Born March 23, 1878 Froyle, Alton, Hantsfordshire, England Married to Lydia Simpson Died May 6, 1945 – New Westminster (Lydia died December 23, 1962 – New Westminster) Survived by sons David and Gordon, 4 grandchildren, and brother Hugh of Vancouver.
STEVENS, J.W. The Vancouver City Directory for 1917 shows J.W. Stevens, Railway Mail Clerk as being on Active Service. No military information was located.
STORM, THURME Private, 131st Battalion, Westminster Regiment Number: 790668 Volunteered February 21, 1915 (New Westminster) Postal Clerk, New Westminster 512 Ash Street, New Westminster Born January 1, 1894 North Vancouver Married Illa McPherson, October 5, 1921, New Westminster Died February 16, 1975 STRANG, GEORGE Private, 68 O/S Field Battery Number: 331682 Volunteered February 21, 1916 (Vancouver) Letter Carrier, Vancouver 49 East 15th Avenue, Vancouver Born August 16, 1890 Larkhall, Scotland Died May 22, 1953 – Vancouver Survived by sons George and Gordon of Penticton and daughter Katherine of Vancouver Brother Archibald Strang, 1256 West Georgia, a baker and motor mechanic, was conscripted in 1918 to the 1st Depot Battalion, BC Regiment.
SWARBRICK, JOSEPH Private, Canadian Engineers, Transportation Battalion Number: 1048551 Volunteered August 22, 1916 Originally joined the 242nd Battalion – transferred to Engineers, March 23, 1917 Letter Carrier, New Westminster 123 Oakland Street, New Westminster Born January 1, 1885 Preston, Lancashire, England Married to Annie Swarbrick Died December 16, 1966 – Vancouver (Annie died November 6, 1963) Survived by son William of California, daughters Mrs. Dorothea Ballantyne (New Westminster), Shirley Whiteside (Burnaby), Anne Turner (California) and G. Holliday (Ontario) and 13 Grandchildren.
TAYLOR, WILLIAM Private, 47th Battalion, New Westminster Regiment Number: 629600 Volunteered November 2, 1915 (New Westminster) Letter Carrier, New Westminster 1428 10th Avenue, New Westminster Born May 13, 1882 Preston, Lancashire, England Married Lelia McKeen, March 17, 1906, New Westminster Died December 31, 1946 – New Westminster.
THOMPSON, FREDERICK Private, 102nd Battalion, BC Regiment Number: 703641 Volunteered January 6, 1916 (Courtenay) Letter Carrier, Vancouver 230 Keefer Street, Vancouver Born September 18, 1888 Clare, Armagh, Ireland Married to Elizabeth Thompson Died July 1, 1931 – Vancouver.

TURNER, ANDREW BLACK Sergeant, 47th Battalion, Westminster Regiment Number: 28895 Volunteered September 23, 1914 (New Westminster) Postal Clerk, Vancouver 2265 Fir Street, Vancouver Born November 3, 1884 Glasgow, Scotland Died April 4, 1971 – Nanaimo The 1911 Census shows a younger brother, Gilbert Johnson Turner living at the same residence. Gilbert Johnson Turner (#524719) volunteered for the 18th Field Ambulance on May 13, 1916 in Victoria BC. His occupation is shown as grocer.

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