South Pacific Cruise 2012

On Mar 4, 2012, a group of members and family travelled from San Diego return on a thirty day South Pacific cruise on the MS Rotterdam. Ports of call included four stops in Hawaii, Fanning Island, Cook Islands, French Polynesia, Raiatea, Bora Bora, Moorea, Rangiroa, Papeete and the Marquises’ Islands.

Fred and Adi - personal parcel deliveryOne of the stops on the Heritage Club South Pacific cruise was Rarotonga ,in the Cook Islands.Fred was able to personally deliver a care package to Adi,pictured above,dad of Mohini Palad in the Langley office. He was excited to receive all the goodies,M sent with us and gave us a nice tour of the island and the resort that he manages.

We also had the opportunity to visit the remote Fanning Island situated south of Hawaii near the equator.There are 2900 people on the beautiful, coral atoll with varying colours of turquoise water.There is no electricity,plumbing,or shops on the Island.A supply boat stops by once every month or two to drop supplies.Otherwise,the people are very self sufficient,fishing each day for tuna and lobster or harvesting land crab for their daily meal along with taro root and fruit.Most have a pig tethered to a line in front of their straw huts, bUt only eat pork at special events like a wedding or Christmas.

Our group walked the Island and interacted with many of the local families.We visited the elementary school and high school ( pictured with boys playing soccer on their break).Realizing the need for basic supplies,we had stocked up in Hawaii with school books and supplies ,medical supplies and toiletries to donate Overall our group provided supplies ,clothing and cash to the Island of well over $500.00 in value in addition to buying lots of local crafts to support the schools and church. Everyone enjoyed the ship, the warm, sunny weather, the crystal clear seas in varying colours of blues, green and turquoise and mostly being away from rain and snow for a month!

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Some highlights reported from the group included:

  • * Fanning Island-seeing the happy children playing and singing. It was beautiful, natural and peaceful –Norm
  • * My special moment was on Fanning Island when a young mother carrying her little baby, let me hold the baby while she placed a fresh flower garland on my head. I was so moved and wanting to reciprocate so I gave her my sun glasses and was rewarded again with the beautiful smile as she walked away proudly wearing the sun glasses. (sun
    glasses are a  much needed item on the Island)  – Shirley
  • * Maui, Rarotonga  were my special memories as well as the beaches of Maui, the beauty of the Cook islands and the fun and hospitality at the famous Duke’s Bar  on Waikiki
  • Beach and circling the Island of Ohau for four hours  on the city bus for $2.50, I’d love to come back and make stops along the route.—Barry
  • * It was so exciting snorkeling and seeing the exotic fish, especially an octopus! , colourful reefs, dolphins and swimming on every Island.- Lori
  • * Having drinks at the famous Bloody Mary’s in Bora Bora and seeing families enjoying the local grills in Papeete
  • * I loved Honolulu and would return in a moment. I also loved Moorea and Rarotonga— very beautiful will cherish the local crafts I purchased for my new home—Mandy
  • * I enjoyed it all but especially walking along the beach in the Marquises seeing the homes, people, churches and beautiful flowers. It was fun climbing the hill to the Pearl Hotel and having a beer while overlooking  the harbour and our ship.—Cheuk
  • * Winning in the Casino and at Bingo—Lori
  • * Sitting on the open deck of the ship for hours at a time listening to the water and feeling the fresh, light breeze-Cathy
  • * Having fun at the King Neptune Ceremony as we crossed the equator – Shirley
  • * Playing ping pong, basketball, dancing and winning the Karaoke competition on the ship—Elaine
  • * Morning Tai Chi on the deck and learning the Hula dances-Lynn and Ellie
  • * Having drinks and  and a five star dinner with family and friends every evening –Leslie
  • * Cooking classes on sea days, computer classes, walking the deck, watching for marine life, sitting in the Library, watching first run movies in the theatre, seeing first-rate entertainment in the Show Room, dancing till the wee hours in the Crow’s Nest, sun tanning, meeting new friends and spending lots of time with old friends! * I could stay here forever_ Terry, referring to Fanning island

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